Gringo Jack’s Smokin’ Whiskey BBQ Sauce   is truly a masterful combination of ingredients. There’s tomato puree, cider vinegar, brown sugar, onions, tomato paste, chilies, and lime juice all set to a splash of bourbon whiskey that makes this a sauce for the barbecue connoisseur.

Crafting a barbecue sauce that delivers unique taste is a challenge. Too many barbecue sauces use the same basic ingredients and don’t look for a way to add anything. That’s not even close to the case with  Gringo Jack’s Vermont Maple BBQ Sauce , which delivers not only a taste unlike any barbecue sauce before it, but one that will have your friends and family satisfied. I tried the spoon test before the big event, passing around the bottle. The room filled with “oohs and ahhs.” It sounded more like a roomful of people getting a sensual massage than it did people tasting barbecue sauce.

I enjoyed   Gringo Jack’s Vermont Maple BBQ Sauce   beyond belief. There’s no heat to it, despite the chiles, but that’s okay. For me, the maple syrup is the star of the show, as it should be.

Our new craft beer inspired BBQ sauce
Before even tasting Gringo Jack's handmade flour tortilla chips we were assuming that their texture would be no difference than that of pita chips.  Because really, isn't that what a pita chip is?  A thicker, really crunchy, wheat FLOUR based chips?  Well, we couldn't have been more wrong about the mouth feel of Gringo Jack's flour chips.  We should have known we were in for something special when Gringo Jack's packaging made comments (or warning labels) like, "uniquely flaky", and "a whole new chip experience", as well as "take a've never tasted anything like it."


"I have to tell you what happened.  I had a facial appointment yesterday at 3:15 so about 3:12 I finished up with a customer – ran to my office to collect all my stuff and just then UPS delivered the box – I ran to get a box cutter and opened it up and then took the c&s chips out and told my sister to bring the whole box home when she closed the store at 5:00.  So, I get home at about 5:12 and my sisters not there.  My plan was to open the bag and get three bowls out (one for me, my sister and my 89 year old father) and we would get to experience eating them all at the same time.  At about 5:20 I call my sister on her personal phone (the shop closes at 5:00) and she answers the phone and it sounds like she is eating something.  She then says, “I’m sorry, I had to eat something I was starving”.  She was eating the chili chips.  I thought okay then I will start without you.  As I was opening the bag I thought to myself, relax, they might not be as good as they were the other day...WRONG!  They were every bit as good as the other day.  My father loved them (he reminded me that my mother use to make strips out of the pie crust and put cinnamon and sugar on them)."      Heidi B.
" Hi Gringo Jack's,

Yesterday I bought a bag of your Chile Rubbed Handmade Flour Tortilla chips.  I'd seen them in my local store many times over the past month, and passed them by with nary a second glance.  Figuring they might make a good accompaniment to an eggplant dip I received for Christmas, I finally picked up a bag.  While the flavor was good, it was the flaky, soft crunch that really surprised me. . . . I brought the bag to work and the crunch texture impressed there as well! As per suggestion I heated them up at 175 for 10 minutes, and they were even better!  Tomorrow morning I am going back to pick up quite a few more bags, including the cinnamon and sugar flavor which I am reasonably sure they also stock.
Thanks for a great and unique product!"  -Christopher C.  
    "Your pkg received and absolutely delicious.  Special accolades to your sauce.  You'll soon be receivng an order.  We're happy to be hooked!"      - J & B M
I went through every one of the BBQ sauces on the shelves of my local Stop and Shop and was thrilled to find yours, the only one without corn starch or corn syrup.  It is in my slow cooker with pork chops as I write.  I can't wait to eat them.
Thank you"      - Victoria C